The 10 Most Beautiful Natural Wonders In Iran

If mosques and ancient ruins aren’t enough to satisfy a sightseeing tour, Iran’s varied and dramatic landscapes offer the demanding traveller a wealth of awe inspiring, unspoilt views to discover. From mountains to deserts, to forests and caves, here we review the 10 most beautiful natural wonders in Iran. Mount Damavand More than 65 kilometres northeast […]

20 Must-Visit Attractions in Iran

Steeped in history, culture, and nature, Iran is home to a wealth of attractions and things to do and see. It might be difficult to figure out which places should be your priority, but here’s a list of Culture Trip’s 20 favorite attractions that you can’t miss on your trip to this exciting country. Persepolis […]

10 Epic Places in Iran Even Iranians Don’t Know About

Karshâhi Fortress Also known as Thieves’ Castle, Karshâhi Fortress was once the operational center of a gang of robbers infamous for spreading fear and panic throughout the 19th century until the end of the Qajar dynasty. This deteriorating adobe structure is adorned by five watchtowers and invites visitors to imagine the hustle and bustle of […]

The Top 10 Things To See And Do In Yazd, Iran

The desert city of Yazd is as picturesque as Middle Eastern cities come. Its well-preserved mud brick old town, distinctive badgirs, or wind-catchers, dotted around the skyline, and numerous historical sites make it a necessary destination for any tourist visiting Iran. Here we explore the top 10 things to see and do in Yazd. Fravahar symbol […]

The Most Beautiful Parks In Tehran, Iran

Iran’s capital is concrete and noisy, but every once in a while you’ll stumble across an oasis of serenity. Tehran is in fact home to a number of impressive, often ingeniously landscaped parks, which offer the perfect respite. We list the best 21st-century incarnations of the Persian garden here. Tehran | © Hamed Saber/Flickr Park-e Jamshidieh […]

The Best Kept Secrets In Tehran, Iran

The mega-metropolis that is Iran’s capital is often downplayed by locals and side-lined by tourists. Concrete, polluted, and overcrowded, for many it lacks the tangible sense of history found in other parts of the country. Beneath the surface, however, Tehran’s hidden treasures won’t fail to dazzle, delight, captivate and surprise – if you know where […]

The Top 10 Things To Do And See In Kish

Kish is a 35-square-mile island about 12 miles off the coast of Iran. Once a private resort of the former Shah and his elite guests, Kish is the more luxurious and developed of the two main Iranian islands. Like Qeshm, it is also a free-trade zone, and foreign tourists require no visa for up to […]

UNESCO World Heritage

Iran has seen an increase in the number of annual visitors over the past few years, and the lifting of economic sanctions is sure to attract even more. Home to one of the oldest civilizations, Iran has no shortage of sites to see. When it comes to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it boasts an impressive […]