Hafez Mausoleum

Should you pass by my grave,
Pray and ask for blessing and grace
For this will be the place of pilgrimage
Far the mystical libertines

As far as we know, it was in 1477 A.D. sixty-four years after Hafez death that a dome was erected over his grave. In front of it there would have been a large pool fed by water flowing from the Rokni springs.

At a later period, Karim Khan Zand had a magnificent building constructed beside the Hafez tomb, comprising à hall with a roof supported by four tall monolithic pillars and a large garden in the front.

A marble stone, still in place today, was laid on Hafez tomb and carries engravings of the opening lines of two of the poet’s works.
Where do thy love’s glad message,
Echo for my rapt soul to rise?
This sacred bird from the worldly matches,
Yearns to its goal to rise,
Obey the Shah of the whole world and thus,
Heart!a Shah be thou.
For evermore by acting thus,
In favour with Allah be thou.

During the last 160 years various restorations and repairs have been carried out by benevolent people. Inaugurated in 1936 thanks to the late Ali Asghar Hekmat the building visible today was designed by the French architect André Godard, inspired by patterns and elements from the Zand era.

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