Transportation and Transfers

  1. Bus/Van/SUV/Sedan

    Your journey starts from the moment you meet your tour coach at the airport.
    We do know the transportation from/to the airport and within the destinations of tours is one of the main concerns of tourists. We provide you with pick up and drop off services.

    Enjoy the route not just the destination.

    If you travel alone or with an accompanying, a sedan car is the best choice for your arrival/departure airport transfers or multi-day trips.

    Arg-e Jadid use the most comfortable and safe sedan car among the locally produced or imported brands such as Toyota, Hyundai, KIA, or etc.

    Arg-e Jadid use the most comfortable and safe SUV car of the well-know imported brands such as Toyota RAF 4.

    If you travel with your family or friends in a small group from 2 to 10 people, the best spacious vehicle in Iran will be Van Hyundai H350.

    According to the size of tourist group, Arg-e Jadid uses new model buses .

    • VIP 25-Seat Bus 
    • Standard 30-Seat Bus
    • Economy 44-Seat Bus

  2. Airplane

    Domestic Flights and airport

    Domestic Flights in Iran Iran is a vast land with various attractions spreading all over the country, for visiting different cities and attractions located far from each other, domestic flights are the key.

    What are the flight classes of Iranian domestic flights? There are 3 flight classes; economy, first class and also business class. Most of the domestic flights in Iran are in the category of economy class. In addition to the type of cabin, the time of booking the ticket also affects your ticket class. The ticket class is important when you want to cancel your domestic flight or change its date.
    How much is the baggage allowance for Iran domestic flights? The baggage allowance differs based on the airline and your class ticket. Mostly it is allowed to carry one check-in luggage and one cabin luggage. The Check-in baggage weight and dimensions should not exceed 20 Kg and 158 cm and the Cabin luggage (handbag) should be of 23cm x 40cm x 55cm size with maximum weight of 5-7 Kg. Do not forget to check it out when you choose your flight. If you choose domestic flights to your Iran Tour, consider the delays that may occur and also the time you need to get on board and spend in security checkpoints. The flight delay in Iran happens sometimes and the margin should be always kept, although don’t forget to be at the airport one hour before the flight time.

    IATA   Name


    • Mahan Air


    • Iran Air


    • Iran Aseman Airlines



    • Qeshm Air

    • ATA Airlines

    • Zagros Airlines


    • Kish Air



    • Meraj Airlines





  3. Train

    Iran railway system provides a safe and comfortable connection to the main destinations in Iran. With more than 10000 Kilometers railway, there are daily trains leaving/arriving Tehran, Mashhad, Bandar Abbas, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kerman, Ahwaz, Yazd, and other cities. Usually, there are several stops on the way to the main destinations. Different companies offer trains with different classes and facilities such as air conditioning, meals, TV, and etc. Guest attendees are ready to help passengers in most of the trains. A family-friendly atmosphere is the result of this form of travel. The concept of special services and luxury is well understood and most people are aware of it.
    Raja Transport Company and its subsets are the suppliers of Iranian Rail Way trains. Raja Trains include Simorgh, Sabz, and Ploor trains. All of these trains consist of compartments with four beds and have TV, air conditioner and charging sockets in each compartment. Bedding services containing bed sheets, pillow and blanket are provided for all passengers.
    Other Raja trains are called Bus Trains because the arrangements of seats in each wagon is like a bus and there are no private compartments. Bus trains are usually faster than other trains and they are mostly used between Tehran and Mashhad.
    Joopar Trains is another train company that transfers many passengers daily between different destinations. Joopar has two types of trains; Kavir trains which have 10 compartments with 6 beds in each wagon and Mahan bus trains. All Joopar trains have air conditioning, charging socket, restaurant, and toilet. Bedding services containing bed sheets, pillow and blanket are provided in compartment trains. 

    FADAK trains are of the best trains in Iran and for their convenience and safety, are also called the mobile 5 star hotels. Fadak trains have three different classes, with different prices and services. The services available on Fadak trains are offered in three levels: luxury, Business and Economy, each with a different price. Depending on the departure time and train facilities and budget we can book the appropriate ticket you want.