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The best medical services in Iran

Since very old times, exporting health and medical services to all over the world has been one of the honors of Iranians. For thousands of years, Iran has been the cradle of critical medical treatments and surgeries, including brain and eye surgeries.
Delivering state-of-the-art treatments by Iranian physicians to worldwide patients has been prevalent from the far past; as the treatments of Borzouya the physician, Avicenna, Jurjani and many others have always been globally well-known.
Medical ethics in Iran’s health system have a special position, as all patients are treated as valuable people, regardless of religion, color, race or gender.
The most important ethical values that have been maintained from ancient ethics and moralities are as follows: trustworthiness, virtuousness, cheerfulness to patients, kindness, self dedication, truthfulness and honesty, commitment to patients’ confidentiality, benevolence, generosity, keeping patients’ safety and disallowing dangerous drugs, and so on. The process of emphasizing on all these values has been continued until today.
In this regard, and with the respect to the humanitarian principles – with the goal of providing up-to-date medical services to the people of all over the world – regardless of nationality, race, and ethnicity, Exon Health Tourism Paradise serves the applicants who desire to use Iranian health services taking advantage of the qualified, experienced, and nationally and globally authentic specialists, physicians, medical staff, and hospitals.
Best medical services in Iran | Healthcare in Iran
At the same level of the other advanced countries in the field of medical services, the Iranian hospitals and medical centers are equipped with the superior technology to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services, including specialized laboratories, imaging, outpatient and hospitalization.
Many patients from other countries, especially the neighboring countries, travel to Iran annually to benefit from various modern Iranian medical services.
Dentistry, cosmetic surgery, tissue and organ transplantation, ophthalmology, internal medicine, cardiovascular (even open heart surgery), oncology, spine and neurology, neurosurgery, infertility treatment, full checkup, etc. are some of the services that have been requested and welcomed by foreign patients in Iran.
Some of the Iranian medical capabilities that are equal with the medical achievements of the advanced countries, are presented as follows:
•Iran is ranked in the top 5 countries in the field of stem cells.
•The Iranian cornea Bank is one of the best cornea banks in the world. The requested cornea will be available in 24 hours.
•Iran is among the top 10 countries of the world in nanotechnology and is ranked in the top five countries in the field of treatment of infertility.
•Iran is among the top 10 countries in the field of stem cell technology and research.
•Today, Iran is one of the world’s leading cardiac surgery and is among a few countries in which cardiac transplantation is done. Sixty thousand cardiac transplant operations are conducted annually in Iran, which is a brilliant record in cardiac surgery internationally.
•The Iranian’s donated blood is among healthiest blood donations in the world. The Iranian people donate and receive their blood free of charge.
•Iran is one of the drug exporters in the world. Iranian drugs are exported to many countries of the world and according to the World Health Organization, between 80% and 94% of the population of Iran easily access essential drugs.
Best medical services in Iran | Healthcare in Iran
Some of indicators of treatment in Iran:
•Iran is ranked in the top 3 leading countries in bone marrow transplantation.
•Iran is ranked third in the world in terms of infertility treatment, and fourth in orthopedics and organ transplantation.
•Iran ranked seventh in the production of drugs for special diseases.
•Iran ranked fourth in genetic treatment.
•Iran is one of the world’s top 5 countries in cochlear implantation.
•Infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, polio, measles, diphtheria, and cholera are eradicated or controlled in Iran.

•Iran has also grown significantly at the level of beyond the region in educational, health and medical indicators.

Exon medical services that are tailored to the needs of the clients and are professionally designed in the form of specialized departments, packages and procedures make all the Iran’s specialized capacities easily accessible to you in order to touch your health dream!