Iran Visa

Iran visa procedure :

For the first step, we need to have the completed visa form in below link and the scan of first passport page and passenger’s photo (high quality and colored). Please be sure about inserting correct information in the form as visa will be applied according to this form only. We need the exact job information of passengers as requested in the form.(For American, Canadian, British passengers :

If somebody is retired please mention the name of company that she/he worked before and her/his position there.).

as soon as we receive the form , passport and photo scans we apply for visas and after about (20 working days for the above motioned nationalities , 07-10 working days for other nationalities) will get a visa reference number from MFA and will pass it to you and with this number you could go to the Iranian Embassy/Consulate and issue your visa.

Please note that the visa can be also applied up on arrival at the Airport, but duration of this visa cannot be extended when passenger is in Iran and decides to stay some more days. Also for the Airport visa we suggest to have the visa reference number via the above mentioned process before entering Iran to avoid unpredictable rejections up on arrival.

This visa reference number is valid for 01 month and after stamping the visa , passenger will have 03 months of time to enter Iran.

visa form